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MyAir Remote Control

MyAir’s 8-inch control panel doubles as a tablet

It controls your entire air-conditioning system, then with a tap of the Android icon becomes a super-fast tablet.

  • Superior 8-inch tablet with internet access
  • Stylish, intutive user interface
  • 10 zones for flexibility and energy efficiency
  • Adjust the airflow to any room from 5 -100%
  • MyAir app for smartphones and tablets
  • Compatible with major air-conditioning brands

MyAir comes with its own app that turns most smartphones or tablets into remote controls, allowing you to control the system even when you’re not at home. It works on both Apple and Android devices (iOS7+ and Android V4+).

MyAir delivers outstanding comfort because it gives you precise airflow control. The touchscreen make makes it simple to control which rooms receive conditioned air, and how much.

MyAir zones each room individually. There’s no paying to heat or cool empty rooms, as you have the ability to only run the system only in the zones you are using.


  • ARC: AU38126
  • arc certified
  • QBCC: 1313493

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