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Home Air Conditioning Installation Split Syetems

High Wall Split Systems

Home Air Conditioning high wall split systems are designed for all aspects of housing and can be placed usually anywhere throughout a house depending on size.

High wall split systems are an affordable option for someone trying to create a comfortable environment for their family on a budget.

These are the most common types of home air conditioning used in a residential sense as installation, initial cost of the system and running costs are a lot more affordable. This can also be used in a multi-head type application where multiple indoor units can be run off the one outdoor unit.

The range of wall mounted reverse cycle split-system air conditioners includes inverter models, suitable for single rooms through to larger open-plan living areas.

What is a Split System?

This is where the home air conditioner is made up of two distinct units — an external unit called the compressor, and an internal unit which can either be wall mounted, floor mounted or ceiling mounted. Both units are interconnected by pipes carrying a refrigerant.

An alternative to the traditional unit is a multi-split system, which has numerous interior units all connected to a single exterior unit. A split-system air conditioner is used for cooling and heating your property, perfect for all year round temperature control.

Home Air Conditioning Installation

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